Seminars und Inhouse-Workshops

Periods of change  require that employees anticipate these changes in time. It is even better if your team is able to prepare for these changes at an early stage. The best solution is if this becomes a natural part of the entrepreneurial process. 

Systematic analysis and assessment of trends seem virtually impossible during day-to-day business. Daily operations with their various challenges leave too little space for these activities.

In the end most of the good and valuable ideas end up in the wastepaper basket.

Taking these experiences into account, we aim to provide an appropriate solution for your company: seminars and workshops on specific topics. Furthermore, we will gladly prepare and present topics that are tailored to client needs.
Examples of seminar and workshop topics:

  • Marketing in construction
  • Recognizing and utilizing client needs
  • Customer relationship management in construction
  • New business fields for medium-sized contractors