Book Bau-Marketing (Construction Marketing)

The book „Bau-Marketing (Construction Marketing) of Prof. Dr. Ziouziou discusses the basic concepts of marketing and illustrates their application to construction business in a practical manner including various examples from business cases.

This book is equally addressed to practitioners and students and can be easily bought at any book store. 

ISBN-10: 3486590081
Textbook, 190 p.
Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, Mai 2010

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Book Bau-Vertrieb (Construction Sales)

The second book of Professor Ziouziou was published in autumn 2012. It refers to the basics of sales in construction from a business process prospective.

Sale is a function of construction, which is well known for being highly underrepresented; therefore the book can be seen as an approach, to develop a frame of reference for sale in construction.

ISBN 978-3-486-71217-9
Textbook, 200 p.
Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag

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